Desert Cities - Between Incense and Sandstorms

If I had a camel, I would feel like a spice trader

Samarkand - Between antique and ultra-modern


A jade stone that is so heavy that no one is likely to steal it.

Registan Square behind the scenes

Our accommodation - parking is in the house, what else?

Evening light show at Registan Square near the famous Madrasas of Ulug`bek

Buxoro - Bukhara

Ein Blick durchs Türchen und draussen steht eiOne look through the door and there's a police motorbike outside.n Motorrad der Rennleitung

Small afternoon snack before we explore the cityr die Stadt erkunden

Something sweet so that the blood sugar level is also correct


Ichan Qal`a - UNESCO world heritage

Intarsien und Schnitzereien auf höchstem Niveau

Find the chicken ! For the poor thing it was probably the last prayer session

before - after

Outside - Inside

...from above.

An other accomodation with a special parking place

We lie down to eat, fill up our batteries and then we head out into the desert once again.

The petrol pump only shows that there is fuel here - it is refuelled as usual, by canister.

Desert cemetery - the biggest I have ever seen

Camels, camels and more camels - nothing else and a lot of it

Overnight stay in a real caravanserai and were not the first


Good night Uzbekistan - Tomorrow we drive to the boarder and then the second time through Kasachstan

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